How to Complain to Banking Ombudsman

Net Banking Date: October 21, 2015
Do do have a problem with the Bank.

Have you followed all the proper Bank procedure for filing complaints?

No response?

If you have got a response then make sure you have touched all levels of complaint redressal(including those of Nodal officers).

Before filing complaints please see if you fall in this:

You have not not approached his bank for redressal of his grievance first.
You have not made the complaint within one year from the date one has received the reply of the bank or if no reply is received if it is more than one year and one month from the date of representation to the bank.
The subject matter of the complaint is pending for disposal / has already been dealt with at any other forum like court of law, consumer court etc.
If you have not received a satisfactory reply then 30 days should have been over.
So finally if you above 3 points don't apply to you then you can go ahead and file your complaint to RBI Banking Ombudsman online.

How to send complaint to RBI Banking Ombudsman
There are two ways.

Either you send all the documents by Speedpost to Banking Ombudsman of your zone from this list.

Or fill your complaint online at

Filling Complaints Online
It is the same dirty Indian government website. Just be ready to get a rough drive here. It is mainly prepared to drive away complaints from customers and reduce the workload of government officials.

Step-1: Unauthorized connection
Just ignore it and go to next page.

Step-2 : Have you made a written complaint to the bank
I hope your answer is "Yes" otherwise you will be directed to a page when filled will be sent to the Bank and not RBI.

Step-3: If Yes, Whether 30 days are over from ...
Choose the desired option

Step-4: Complaint Check Form
Fill you bank account number, name and mobile here. Then press "check complaints"

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