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  • Allahabad bank customer care number of Ballia - Bank kramchari dwara Bhedbhav krna aur Chehra pehchan ke Kaam krna
    Vishal Kumar sharma on August 5, 2020

    Sir hm apna KYC jama krne ke liye bank gye to 3-4 baar loutaane ke baad, signature dekhne ke liye bole to koi dikhaya Nhi aur baaki Kuch khas logo ko bank ke Andar bula kr unka Kaam kiya jaa rha.

  • State bank of india customer care number of Chhindwara - Paytm transfer money return
    Sanjay Upadhyay on August 4, 2020

    I transferred money by paytm on 2August 2020 bt money transfer is showing pending and money hasn't return in my account it's been 48 hours of transaction please help me to get my money back.I transferred money by my mother's account Rajbai Upadhyay.Mobile no.9425147577

  • Hdfc bank ltd customer care number of Suratgarh - Money not return
    Vipul on August 2, 2020

    Money deducted from my account but not receive reciver

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA customer care number HARDOI - Regarding aeps
    on July 30, 2020

    Sir, 2-3 dino s mra aeps work ni kr rha h.. Baki sb banks s money withdrawal ho rhi h.. But sbi k customers ka withdrawal ni ho pa rha h.. Adhaar no. Not linked with the selected bank batata h..

    Resolve this

  • IDBI BANK LTD customer care number THE ASTHA PEOPLES CO-OP BANK LTD. ASTHA - IDBI bank customer care helpline number
    Jaka on July 29, 2020

    idbi bank customer helpline number

  • State bank of india customer care number of Woraiyur - Xpress credit loan aporoval
    Bhuvaneswari m on July 29, 2020

    Dear sir are mam I am applay to loan 17/07/2020 Xpress credit loan yono online the loan is pending what process in my loan

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA customer care number CHITTOOR - Zero account balance
    Lepakshi Mohammad ansar on July 28, 2020

    Sir/mam Two weeks before I had open a zero account balance in madanapalli kadiri road beside brahmam gudi.
    Thanks my aadhar number 9175-6802-3250 and my contact mobile is 6309704915

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA customer care number GTC VARANASI -
    Deepak Yadav on July 27, 2020

    Please share contact number.
    Given number is not available.

  • State bank of india customer care number of Tirupur - Loan
    M. Nareshkumar on July 24, 2020

    I am going buy agricultural land 4 acre, sbi bank gives agriculture land loan,

  • Canara bank customer care number of Sedapatti - Service complains
    Tamilarasi on July 20, 2020

    3 Tims mobile number add but not response Canara bank branch sedapatti

  • State bank of india customer care number of Kumbakonam -
    PRAVEEN KUMAR on July 19, 2020

    Sir my account inactive pls activate sir

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA customer care number JANDAHA - Kcc ke liye
    Anil kumar on July 17, 2020

    मुझे pmksy के तहत पैसा मिलता है। और मै काफी दिनों से केसीसी करवाने के लिए अनुरोध किया हू। और माननीय शाखा मैनेजर द्वारा केसीसी नहीं किया जा रहा है। जिससे मै काफी दुखी हू। क्यूकी अगर पैसा नहीं मिलेगा तो कैसे खेती होगी।

  • State bank of india customer care number of Hari market - To know about amount transferred in the account no 30239848355 IFSC SBIN0000657
    Vijay Kumar Gupta on July 17, 2020

    Please let me know about the amount transferred in my account number 30239848355 on16July 2020
    Account holder name Vijay Kumar Gupta and Renu Gupta
    SBI Hari Market Jammu
    IFSC SBIN0000657
    Please favor me

  • State bank of india customer care number of Etikoppaka -
    Sravaninaidu on July 16, 2020

    My account is blocked i want to reopen my account but i am in bangalore so i cant go to mahabubnagar i will sned my family members to open my account

  • State bank of india customer care number of Kalimpong - sbi
    Rabin Rai on July 15, 2020

    Monthly 200 amount debit from my SBI bank for 2 years but its been 2 years but I still not getting any amount from SBI bank please do something

  • State bank of india customer care number of Yavatmal - KYC MSg
    vaishali ramteke on July 14, 2020


    your Pay TM KYC has been expired today pleas call customer care no 6297883712 immediately your Pay Tm account blocked within 24 hour.

    aisa msg mere mobile pe aya. pls solution kya hai batao


  • State bank of india customer care number of Sambalpur - Refund
    Anshuman on July 10, 2020

    I had ordered an item amount of 1499. I paid 1499 using upi/google pay. Then i cancelled my order . Now the flipcart shoping website showing that "your refund was completed, please check your bank acount or with reference number 017112239009. Now i checked my bank statement , there is no refunded money back to my acount.

  • State bank of india customer care number of Narsapur - contact number
    raju yadla on July 8, 2020

    i have contact brach maneger or officer naarsapur branch in west godavari distic.Regarding some enqire my account .

  • State bank of india customer care number of Tumkur - Interest not credited
    Niranjanaradhya N on July 6, 2020

    This is Niranjanaradhya N, my mother Annapurnamma has an account in SBI Byalya and for the last four months the interest for the deposit she made in her account has been not credited. so I need reason for this quiry.

  • State bank of india customer care number of Ongole - Amount missing complaint.
    Sivasankar Nagandla on July 6, 2020

    I have account an syndicate bank in Mynampadu. Snpadu. Mandal.prakasam district.
    10 days back 10000 withdrawn in sbi ATM mission amount was missing not respond to that ATM.
    Amount was cutting. I am waiting 1 hour mission was not responding.
    I am not taken money i have already complaint in my branch .
    Please resend money in my account Sir.
    10000 sir please.

  • State bank of india customer care number of Sikar - Complaint about net banking
    NAVEEN KUMAR MEENA on July 4, 2020

    मैने 20/01/2020 को sbi stn road sikar branch मे खाता खुलवाया था.मुझे पहले दिन से ही yono sbi app मे दिक्कत आ रही है,जिसके कारण net banking नही हो पा रही है. Branch मे किसी के पास time नही है problem सुनने के लिये.

  • ICICI Bank Consumer Complaint Procedure - Contact
    JYOTINDRA GAJJAR on July 3, 2020

    I want to contact your any officer regarding my daughter's Credit Card

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA customer care number HINDUPUR - Sib
    Adarsh on July 3, 2020

    My account online banking not working

  • Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Ltd Customer Care Office Address, Contact Number, Complaint And Reviews -
    Sebastian Shull on July 1, 2020


    We have hacked your website and extracted your databases.

    How did this happen?
    Our team has found a vulnerability within your site that we were able to exploit. After finding the vulnerability we were able to get your database credentials and extract your entire database and move the information to an offshore server.

    What does this mean?

    We will systematically go through a series of steps of totally damaging your reputation. First your database will be leaked or sold to the highest bidder which they will use with whatever their intentions are. Next if there are e-mails found they will be e-mailed that their information has been sold or leaked and your site was at fault thusly damaging your reputation and having angry customers/associates with whatever angry customers/associates do. Lastly any links that you have indexed in the search engines will be de-indexed based off of blackhat techniques that we used in the past to de-index our targets.

    How do I stop this?

    We are willing to refrain from destroying your site's reputation for a small fee. The current fee is .33 BTC in bitcoins ($3000 USD).

    Send the bitcoin to the following Bitcoin address (Copy and paste as it is case sensitive):


    Once you have paid we will automatically get informed that it was your payment. Please note that you have to make payment within 5 days after receiving this notice or the database leak, e-mails dispatched, and de-index of your site WILL start!

    How do I get Bitcoins?

    You can easily buy bitcoins via several websites or even offline from a Bitcoin-ATM. We suggest you for buying bitcoins.

    What if I don’t pay?

    If you decide not to pay, we will start the attack at the indicated date and uphold it until you do, there’s no counter measure to this, you will only end up wasting more money trying to find a solution. We will completely destroy your reputation amongst google and your customers.

    This is not a hoax, do not reply to this email, don’t try to reason or negotiate, we will not read any replies. Once you have paid we will stop what we were doing and you will never hear from us again!

    Please note that Bitcoin is anonymous and no one will find out that you have complied.

  • Hdfc bank ltd customer care number of Deesa - gujarat - New zero balance account
    Thakor navin Kumar parjising on July 1, 2020

    Sir hu banasdairy ma nokari karu chhu mane zero balance account kholi aspso

  • Andhra Bank Customer Care Office Address, Contact Number, Complaint And Reviews - New income possibility!
    SarahCal on June 29, 2020


    Im looking for investor for my email marketing business.
    I own 270 million email database with 92% valid emails. Im looking for investor who invest in server infrastructure to send it. Im planning to run infrastructure to send like 10 million emails per day on daily basis, and increase every week by add more servers.
    Potential earnings are $100-$200 depend on country per million sended messages
    I have knowledge about email marketing and team which is needed to handle whitelisting.

    Investment: $2000 on first run, after you see results you can invest more.
    You control all investment, all servers, software will be with your access.

    If you are interested about partnership please send email on:
    [email protected]

  • ICICI Bank Consumer Complaint Procedure - mental harassment
    dipali Talsania on June 29, 2020

    This refers to my earlier Grievance Number : PMOPG/E/2020/0488712, Dated on 09.06.2020, please note that I have received a reply from ICICI Bank as per enclosed letter. This is an absolute case of mental harassment.

    (1) ICICI Bank has replied to this Grievance that My Aadhaar Card Details are not updated. I would like to clarify to PM Office that I have already submitted all the documents like PAN Card and Aadhaar Card during opening of Home Loan Account and based on submission of these documents only ICICI Bank has sanctioned my Loan. Now after almost 18 months, if still ICICI Bank is mentioning in the reply that My Aadhaar Card details are not updated is truly like mental harassment. I once again enclosing My Aadhaar Card for your reference.

    (2) ICICI Bank is saying that they have submitted batch of multiple PMAY Applications to NHB which NHB is not sanctioning their Subsidy Claims from last more than 18 months and hence ICICI Bank has not forwarded my PMAY Application to NHB yet. So the question is in the era of Digital India, do PMAY Applicant really have to wait for Years and Years to get the Subsidy…? Why NHB has hold the Subsidy Claims and on the contrary why ICICI has still not forwarded my PMAY Application to NHB. Is it not mental harassment?

    I once again request PM Office Team to investigate my grievance thoroughly and instruct NHB and ICICI on strong lines to process my PMAY Application without any further delay.

    Please note that lots of reminders and phone calls have been made to PMAY / NHB / ICICI Bank but they are neither picking up my phone calls nor replying back to me on e-mails. These people are mentally harassing me, these people need to be taken task and to be held responsible and sued for Delay. I am mentally disturbed with all these delay from NHB and ICICI, failing on which its impacts me on high depression.

    May please help.

    Dipali Talsania
    Mobile Number : +91-9824385839

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA customer care number AURAIYA -
    Anuj Kumar on June 29, 2020

    I want to contact sbi auraiya bro manager regarding

  • ICICI Bank Consumer Complaint Procedure - Please Mere helper ki jo Sar Mere account mein mere pass aap pass gaya hai mere Mera Paisa Nahin nikal Paras per mere ko Mera account number Maloom Nahin Hai imobile app mein login Nahin Ho Raha Hai M
    Pavan Sahu on June 28, 2020

    9589431971 play some request is number per mere ko call kijiye Vaishnav request karta hun Sar mein balance account Mein Phas Gaya Hai Aap Mein nikal Nahin Pa raha hun net I mobile Kijiye account open kiya tha aur vah account login Nahin ho raha hai mere debit card block ho gaya hai Main Kya Karun please please please Main request Karta Hun Sar please help me

  • ICICI Bank Consumer Complaint Procedure - DISPUTE REGARDING-40000/-
    JAY PRAKASH TIWARI on June 26, 2020

    THE Head of Chief Manager
    ICICI BANI------------------------------------- SR.No-670755430 dt-2.3.20
    ICICI BANK------------------------------------ -SR NO--677039693 dt-16.4.20
    ICICI BANK-------------------------------------- SR.No-679525845 dt-18.5.20
    ICICI BANK---------------------------------------SR.No-683198095 dt-16.6.20

    Our Regarding Atm dispute complain register by SR.No-670755430 Date- 02/03/2020 forRs-40000/- and we are related complain all document deposited main branch sector-18 noida and re summit by mail customer care side customer [email protected] bank
    Atm dispute @icicibank .com on date-16 apr-2020 regarding complain our exchange Atm card and fraud by thief who person you can do full enquiry this case I have no objection .and we are full support stand with you.
    Regarding dispute I have already 2 level complain sent your site but after 4 months we can, not received satisfaction result your site. we are suffering very financial problems .
    We are request to you that pl. resolved my Issue and dispute amount money credit in my account .no-003101030687

    With regards
    Jay Prakash Tiwari
    Account no-003101030687