• Non delivery/non received atm debit card
    Paritosh Biswas on 2018-11-30 04:17:50

    Since three week as I requested a chip
    Debit card till today neither i have
    Received the card no any information
    Though I sent through your branch
    Kancha para . Almost it is one month
    How many months will take

  • Misbehave with non home branch customer
    Satya Praksh Kanodia on 2018-04-16 14:03:17

    Refer to my current A/c in my firm Name Shri Vyappar A/c No.0277202000181 with your salt lake city branch, Kolkata. I like to complain you regarding misbehave of your staff named Miss Soma. I have at least 10 A/cs with your salt lake city branch but today i send my staff to collect bank stament but they misbehave and do not provide. It is not good to attend badly to non home branch customers. Please look into matter. Hoping for your immediate action.